Short Kids A Result Of Depression?

According to a new study, mothers suffering from depression during the last few months of pregnancy are likely to give birth to children who are shorter than their peers. The study was carried out on over 6,200 babies and mothers, and it was discovered that when moderate to severe depressive symptoms were reported by mothers in the eight to nine months before delivery, the children given birth to were more likely to be shorter than those born through parents with the symptoms.

Children of concerning five years elderly born through mothers World Health Organization had suffered postnatal depression symptoms were between forty fifth and five hundredth additional seemingly than their peers, however, no rationalization is provided concerning however children with mothers World Health Organization suffered depression would find yourself being shorter. Pamela Surkan of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the lead author said it was what the researchers would be busy looking into.

It is however suspected by Surkan that depression might interfere with nurturing, preventing the mothers to perfectly carry out their tasks in care giving. For instance, the children who often suffer from a problem like poor attachment will be affected by the depression, and it is understood that the symptoms of depression might prevent the mothers from having the ability to take care of their newborns.

A professor of psychiatry, Dr. Andrew Leuchter, also has the same view, with the words that the mothers who suffered depression during pregnancy usually do not interact very well with their babies, neglecting to provide basic needs like clothing, food and other kinds of support expected from a mother.

The findings of the study enable doctors to have a new tool that could help in identifying problems in their early stages. The study quantifies this in a potentially important and new way, to help in treatment, as the children have growth patterns that are not found in children of moms who did not suffer from depression.

The Warning Sign

It is believed that being too short for age is a warning sign of the depression faced or being faced by a mother, with the evidence that the children could experience serious health conditions as a result. This makes it necessary to start treating the depression immediately so that the kids don’t continue to suffer.

A New Study

A new study was carried out by Surkan and her colleagues. About 7,000 mothers and children were studied as part of the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Birth Cohort, a nationally representative program.

The mothers were studied when their children were about 9 months old, and 24% of those mothers reported mild symptoms of depression, while 17% said they were experiencing moderate to severe depressive symptoms.

By the time they were 4, the children of mothers suffering mild depression seemed to be having a loss of stature problem, and when those children reached the age of 5, the health condition disappeared.

However, among the kids with mothers suffering moderate or severe depressive symptoms, there has been an increase in the chances of being short for age, from around 40% at age 4 to close to 50% at age 5.

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