Full Information About Heart Diseases

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When one thinks of heart disease, many assume only heart attacks fall in this category. As common as this condition may be, there are other diseases or conditions that could affect the heart in one way or another that one can live with for a long time with the right medication and medical procedures but there are those that are potentially life-threatening. Heart disease is also known as cardiovascular disease.

How Heart Problem Occurs?

One of the diseases is known as a coronary failure. This happens when insufficient circulation within the arteries and veins restricts the cardiac muscle from pumping blood around the heart and back into the rest of the body. One could suffer from symptoms like chest pains commonly known as angina. It is important to note that indigestion or a number of other factors could also cause angina but it should still be looked into.

Cardiomyopathy is caused by weakening and malfunction of the cardiac muscle and this could spell immediate death. This disease could be caused by stiff veins that interrupt regular blood flow, the left ventricle wall may not have fully formed at birth, genetics that causes some parts of the heart to not fully form, or even when the heart enlarges and causes regular blood flow to diminish.

Cardiovascular disease is one that affects the male and female species differently. For females, it affects the blood vessels while in males it affects the heart itself. Factors that could bring this about include diabetes, hypertension. One being inactive, eating a diet high in cholesterol, and also excess drinking and smoking causes heart disease. These factors cause impurities to lodge themselves in the heart walls this constricting the veins and arteries paths that cause the heart to become stressed and hence leading to cardiovascular diseases.

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Congenital heart disease is detected in a newborn and is a condition that is brought about by malfunction or bad development of particular parts of the heart. This could be genetic, caused by a mother who took alcohol or drugs while pregnant, or the mother having a disease like German measles while pregnant could cause it. There are extents of the condition that are mild and only need constant monitoring while there are others that could require surgery and medication.


In order to monitor the heart and detect heart disease, there are tests usually undertaken like catheterization whereby a tube is inserted in the heart with a special dye that allows specialists to see if there any problem. Electrocardiogram and echocardiogram are used to monitor the heart’s activity as well as to detect any malfunction or disease. Stress tests mean the patient exercises while their heat is monitored electronically.

Treatment includes bypass surgeries, angioplasty, pacemakers, and even valve replacement to give one’s heart a new lease on life. Changes in lifestyle like nutrition, exercise, less alcohol, and smoking as well as stress relief could go a long way in helping. It is better to have regular checkups to curb the problem while it is still green

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